A Winery that is born of Love

Our winery is born out of love. From the love for nature, from the love between Celia and Paco, from the love of wine. From the dream of a crazy couple in love to get a unique wine and the odyssey on which they embarked their entire family.

In this area where Celia and Paco met, lapis specularis is characteristic, a crystallized plaster that was used in ancient times as glass. This is a mineral highly appreciated by the Romans who extracted it in mines and built a road that linked Segóbriga and Ercavica to transport it. And in his memory we baptized our winery as Calzadilla.

And it is that the way to make our wines has not been easy: we started with a few vines, experimentation, effort, joys … but also a lot of wine thrown down the drain since from the beginning what was intended was to obtain an excellent wine . In 1992 the first Calzadilla wine was released. Little by little the vineyard and the winery grew, always maintaining our peculiar approach: total freedom in the process that implies that the decisions we make are risky but it is what allows us to do something authentic.

Paula has continued the family legacy in this winery that has seen her grow. She decided to train as a biologist and winemaker, to later work with the best wineries in France and New Zealand, acquiring new knowledge and experience. Naturally, the winery passed into her hands, who pamper the land and its fruits every day with the same enthusiasm and affection that her parents instilled in her.

The history of Calzadilla is the history of the Uribes Madero family. Here Paula was baptized, David had a birthday, Sara stood out as a cook and Celia married. Between jazz notes came the grandchildren and an incessant trickle of friends who are our chosen family.

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